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i-Wipey is the ORIGINAL peel and stick antibacterial screen cleaner

Just a few simple wipes over your phone and it will become 99.9% germ free!

The latest phenomenon created in the UK and developed Japan, South Korea and UK, we are proud to announce the i-wipey will officially launch in stores near you throughout 2013.


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How it works

An Ultra-fine microfiber fabric provides an effective cleaning material.

  • Front
  • Impregnated with Cliniweave technology. Making this the only antibacterial peel & stick cleaner
    for your phone.

  • Back
  • The i-Wipey has a long lasting
    re-useable sticky which leaves no residue on your phone.

Class Leading Bacteria Killing Technology. Visit website

Why believe us?

Research has shown us that over the past 5 years some of the UK & USA largest media have reported the problems with germs on phones. There has not been a solution as unique as the i-wipey – the original peel & stick moblie screen cleaner.

Thinkā€š where you leave your phone, who else uses / near your phone, who sat at that table before you? you put your phone to your face all day every day. germs will breed and get worse;

Make your phone 99.9% germ free

i-Wipey is the original peel and stick antibacterial screen cleaner, just a simple wipe and your phone becomes 99.9% germ free!

Germs in the news

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